Juana Acosta to film “La Templanza” for Amazon

Juana Acosta. La Templanza

Juana Acosta to film “La Templanza” for Amazon

This series, an ambitious adaptation of the novel by Maria Dueñas, produced by Artesmedia Studios, will be shown on Amazon Prime Video in 2020.

The story takes us from the Mexican Republic to colonial Havana, through the Antilles and Jerez. The cast includes Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Rafael Novoa, Leonor Watling, Esmeralda Pimentel, Nathaniel Parker Alejandro de la Madrid, Raúl Briones and César Mateo.

“La Templanza” will be directed by Guillem Morales (“El habitante incierto”, “Los Ojos de Julia”, “Inside No.9”), Alberto Ruiz Rojo (“Apaches”, “Presunto culpable”) and Patricia Font (“Café para llevar”, “Gente viene y bah”, “Cites”).

Similarly to “El Tiempo entre costuras,” Maria Duenas is taking an active role by contributing historical accuracy to the script. The writing team includes Susana López Rubio and Javier Holgado.

Georgia Brown, Director of European Amazon Original Series states, “This ambitious production, with beautiful locations, will tell the captivating and explosive story of the journeys that unite the lives of Soledad and Mauro, touching upon themes such as love and identity. We are overjoyed to begin the production of this series with such an incredible cast and a director of such great talent”.