Juana Acosta debuts in the theater: El Perdón (Forgiveness)

El Perdón, teatro. Juana Acosta

Juana Acosta debuts in the theater: El Perdón (Forgiveness)

Juana Acosta debuted “El Perdón”, in El Teatro Góngora in Córdoba with overwhelming success. The play takes the spectator on a journey from darkness to light in search of forgiveness.

This forgiveness is felt as a liberation lived in first person by Juana Acosta since the play is based on an autobiographical story.

It is both dance performance and theater portrayed by Juana Acosta, with Chevi Muraday, dancer, choreographer and co-director and Juan Carlos Rubio, author of the text. The text submerges the audience into the world of violence and what it’s like to leave this violence through forgiveness.

For Juana this play is a challenge, not only because she must face “dancing which I left behind me when my father died. It is also a path full of emotions, a roller coaster where I see myself on display and naked and that fills me with panic”. At the same time she assures us that she feels comforted by the courage it took to tell her story.