Juana Acosta premieres in “Del Otro Lado del Jardín” on HBO

Del Otro lado del Jardín

Juana Acosta premieres in “Del Otro Lado del Jardín” on HBO

The film narrates a real experience lived by the 40-year-old writer and poet Carlos Framb, who after putting together a plan with his convalescent mother to help her die – and deciding to end her life himself – wakes up on a hospital stretcher accused of a crime for which he faces 30 years in prison. Gloria, the implacable prosecutor in charge of the case, will seek the maximum sentence for Carlos, until she experiences firsthand the desire for freedom and the right to decide.

“On the other side of the garden” is a film that talks about life, death, euthanasia, suicide, the rights of the individual and, above all, the judgments that as human beings we tend to make from the place where we live. that we find ourselves, not knowing the history that has led each of us to the decisions we have made. The relationship between the protagonists invites us to look at the other, to compassion, empathy, and unconditional respect for the other to exercise their freedom,” said Daniel Posada, director of the film.

The film stands out for being a sample of the best of Colombian talent: Juana Acosta, Julián Román, Vicky Hernández, Christian Tappan… among others

The film can now be seen on HBO Latin America