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Fito has been trying to get an Erasmus scholarship to go to England for one year to improve his English and he’s closer than ever to getting it. He’s passed the first exam and in one week he must take the final and definitive exam. Meanwhile, his father, the owner of a barbeque chicken place in Soria, asks him to pick up the new delivery van he has bought as soon as he can. Toño, has managed to climb a difficult journalism hierarchy to a suffering intern as he gives his services to the music magazine Chill Out, where only one of the two interns is invited to stay on after a year. His rival is his complete opposite, Oliver, a spoiled Daddy’s boy who only wants to stay at the magazine to justify to his parents that “he can earn a living” while they still send him money every month. If he wants to get that golden permanent contract, Toño will have to demonstrate his abilities by reporting on a good story. But what does he have to do to get the job? He asks this question while having a beer with Fito on the rooftop terrace of his house. While watching television, he sees images of the Cactus Festival and a light goes on over his head. This summer the famous music festival has an elite line-up. Among the artists who will be appearing , is Slam, the star of Rock Music all over the world and also know internationally for his negativity towards interviews. If only he could get an exclusive? That would go down really well and he would become a reporter for the magazine. But, how can he get to the Cactus Festival if he doesn’t have any money for the trip or for a place to stay?

Juana Acosta Slam

Juana Acosta. Slam

Juana Acosta, Slam (Cine) 2003


Año: 2003
País: España
Director: Miguel Martí
Guión: Juan Carlos Rubio
Música: Víctor Reyes
Fotografía: Antonio González
Reparto: Iván Hermes, Juana Acosta, Tomás Fonzi, Estíbaliz Gabilondo, Andreu Castro, Fede Celada, Luke Donovan, Kira Miró
Productora: Morena Films Género: Comedia | Adolescencia. Comedia juvenil