The Libertator

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The Venezuelan director, Alberto Arvelo Mendoza, introduces the mythical figure of Simon Bolivar in “The Liberator” presented as a biography that centers on his military and political life as a liberartor to many South American countries against the colonialism of the Spanish Empire. The film shows Bolivar in his private life, but we can also see his prominent and charismatic ideological side, as a commander and strategist during the first years of the 19th Century.

A passionate career path that supposedly sparked national movements in many villages (the era of the first Republics), where the people were able to take their own reins and conserve their heritage and cultural legacy which were violent. His life was dedicated to trying to unite all of the countries to form a kind of United States of Latin America. The cast includes the Spanish actress, Maria Valverde (3 Metros Sobre el Cielo) who plays the role of the wife of the commander, Imanol Arias (Cuentame), Juana Acosta (Crematorio), Iwan Rheon (Misfits) and the great actor, Danny Hus.

Juana Acosta. Libertador

Juana Acosta. Libertador

Juana Acosta, Libertador (Cine) 2013


Año: 2013
País: Venezuela
Director: Alberto Arvelo Mendoza
Reparto: Édgar Ramírez, María Valverde, Iwan Rheon, Danny Huston, Gary Lewis, Juana Acosta, Imanol Arias, Steve Wilcox, Jesus Guevara, Erich Wildpret, Carlos Julio Molina, Alejandro Furth
Productora: Coproducción Venezuela-España; Producciones Insurgentes / San Mateo Films / WMG Film
Género: Aventuras. Drama | Biográfico. Cine épico. Siglo XIX. Colonialismo