Les Beaux Mecs

About This Project

Television series (8 episodes). It all begins in the year 2010, when Tony, an old gangster, condemned to a long sentence and Kenz, a young Maghrebi, escape from prison. In an overcrowded prison in this third millennium, these two men share a miniscule cell living together with a lack of understand and appreciation and polite hate. Nevertheless, even though Tony enjoys preferential treatment and the possibility of early release for good behavior, he takes advantage of Kenz’s escape and forces Kenz to take him with him. On the outside, they go their separate ways at once. But Tony had been betrayed by his “associates”. They had hoped that they would never see him again because it had been them who had snitched on him to the police. Therefore, Tony is forced to find refuge with Kenz in the city, where he discovers the new way of doing things by the new generation and criticizes his own incredible negligence, while admiring Kenz’s courage.

Juana Acosta. Les Beaux Mecs

Juana Acosta. Les Beaux Mecs

Juana Acosta en Les Beaux Mecs


Virginie Brac (Creator), Gilles Bannier
Virginie Brac, Éric de Barahir
Hervé Salters
Tommaso Fiorilli
Simon Abkarian, Soufiane Guerrab, Dimitri Storoge, Philippe Nahon, Julien Lucas,Olivier Rabourdin, Fejria Deliba, Pierre-Alain Chapuis, Philippe du Janerand, Mousa Mansaly, Samir Djama, Paco Boublard, Maxime Lombard, Djena Tsimba, Victoria Abril, Anne Consigny