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César is “the boss”, the kind of boss that everyone hates. Some people gush all over him and no one tells him the truth.  He is the great, successful businessman on the edge of a cliff.  From one day to the next, his stocks plunge, his associates betray him and his wife kicks him out of his house.  Barricaded in his office, he tries to recuperate his company and his life.  But he doesn’t do it alone.  Cesar finds a very special ally, Ariana, the night cleaning woman.

Juana Acosta. Jefe

Juana Acosta. Jefe

Juana Acosta, Jefe (Cine) 2018

Sergio Barrejón
Natxo López, Marta Sofía Martins
Luis Callejo, Juana Acosta, Carlo D’Ursi, Josean Bengoetxea, Bárbara Santa-Cruz,Dalila Carmo, Maika Barroso, Adam Jezierski, Sergio Quintana, Teo Planell,Diana Lázaro

César is “the ...