El Inocente

About This Project

Netflix has kept up with its promise to release a new Spanish series every month. “El Inocente” is a thriller, starring Juana Acosta, Mario Casas, Aura Garrido and José Coronado. It was created by Oriol Paulo (director of the successful “Durante la Tormenta y Contratiempo”) and adapted from the novel of the same name (“The Innocent”) written by Harlan Coben as an eight episode mini-series.

We follow the story of Mateo and Olivia (Casas and Garrido), a young married couple after he has done his time for killing a boy in the past. They receive a surprising and disturbing piece of news that once again tears their lives apart. “Another accident of fate? How many accidents of fate touches a life, Mat?” the character played by Ana Wagener asks Mateo, the protagonist, in the trailer of this series. Alexandra Jiménez investigates this dark case.

Juana Acosta, El Inocente (TV) 2021


Oriol Paulo
Jordi Vallejo, Oriol Paulo, Guillem Clua. Novela: Harlan Coben
Juana Acosta, Mario Casas, Aura Garrido, Alexandra Jiménez, José Coronado, Miki Esparbé, Martina Gusman, Xavi Sáez, Ana Wagener, Susi Sánchez, Gonzalo de Castro, Anna Alarcón, Josean Bengoetxea