4 Estaciones en la Habana

About This Project

‘Cuatro estaciones en La Habana’ is a police thriller based on the series of novels by the Cuban, Leonardo Padura, the writer who has brought back crime novels to their maximum potential. The story takes place in the decadent 90s in the Cuban capital with its focal point on the protagonist, Lieutenant Mario Conde, an intelligent, introverted and nostalgic middle-aged detective, who drags the weight of his past with him – a life he could have had, but didn’t. Using unorthodox methods, Conde winds up getting personally involved with his investigations, which leads him into frequently spheres of conflict. In the midst of the hot and humid climate of Habana, a city so full corruption and exoticism and where everyone has secrets to hide, Conde is confronted by his own ghosts as he investigates different cases.


Félix Viscarret (Creator)
Félix Viscarret , Leonardo Padura
Jorge Perugorría, Juana Acosta, Carlos Enrique Almirante, Mario Guerra, Reymond Miranda, Jazz Vilá