Adolfo Suárez

About This Project

This is a biographical Television series that follows the political career and personal life of Adolfo Suarez, the prominent Spanish politician during the Transition period in Spain. The Series narrates his life from his youth until 29th January, 1981, when he gives his resignation as President of the government.

Juana Acosta. Adolfo Suárez

Juana Acosta en "Adolfo Suárez"

Juana Acosta en "Adolfo Suárez"

Juana Acosta en "Adolfo Suárez"


Sergio Cabrera
Carlos Asorey, Emiliano De Pedraza, Juan Carlos Rubio
Xavier Capellas
David Azcano
Ginés García Millán, Toni Acosta, Fernando Cayo, Jesús Noguero, Juana Acosta,Mario Pardo, Mariano Venancio, Ramón Barea, Luis Rallo, Borja Elgea